Information Services

Analysis of Screen Design

While on fieldwork placement at the State Library of Queensland in April 2010 I was asked to prepare a report analysing the effectiveness, or otherwise, of the One Search user login screens.

Staff responded positively to the comments made in my report and indicated that it confirmed anecdotal comments on this issue that had been made by other staff members.

Library Policy and Procecure Manual

Developing a Library Policy and Procedure Manual for Southside Christian College facilitated the documentation of various decisions made over time.

Using “A manual for developing policies and procedures in Australian School Library Resource Centres” as a guideline I was able to build a comprehensive document to assist staff in managing the library.

Collection Development Policy

At Southside Christian College I recognised the need to have an official Collection Development Policy. After doing some research I prepared a policy document; it was approved by the College Board and adopted in February 2006.

The policy clearly outlines the criteria used for both selection and weeding as well as the procedure for handling complaints about resources.