Information Literacy


Guide to The Laws of Australia

As part of an assignment for Law Librarianship and Legal Research I prepared a user guide to Thomson Reuters’ online legal encyclopaedia “The Laws of Australia”.

Legal Research Class

On May 30, 2010, I presented a class on Legal Research to Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies students at Southside Christian College.

Study and Research Class for Year 10 Students

In 2010 I was  asked to present several classes to Year 10 Study and Research students at Southside Christian College.

Topics covered were:

These  sessions had a positive impact, with teachers commenting favourably on the effectiveness of these classes as students developed stronger research skills for the relevant disciplinary areas. In addition both teachers said that they had learnt things.

Junior School Library Lessons

In my role as Librarian at Southside Christian College, I identified a need to develop an information literacy program for students. As the library’s staffing levels and opening hours increased, the ability to offer such a program became possible. Having a structured information literacy program allows students to gain maximum benefit from the library’s collections.

Researching a number of pre-existing programs written for school libraries revealed that none was entirely suitable. Differences in both the college library’s physical layout and spine label formats, for example, meant that I needed to tailor the programs. Using existing programs to provide a framework, I wrote age appropriate lesson plans.

The program began in 2009 and both students and teaching staff responded positively to the content. Lesson plans were continually refined to address any issues identified during implementation, for example the breaking of a lesson that ran overtime into two more manageable segments.