Defining Information Architecture

This first chapter of Morville and Rosenfeld’s book seeks to define Information Architecture (IA), and discuss its importance, along with the value of explaining and illustrating IA concepts. Lou Rosenfeld, an independent information architecture consultant is considered one of the founders of this emerging field; while Peter Morville, also a leading information architecture consultant, has played a major role in the development of this field. Both have backgrounds in library and information science.

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Librarian Interrupted!

This article considers the future of the profession, suggesting that librarians have the opportunity to rejuvenate their professional image. Storey begins his article with a two sets of distinctions to describe professional librarians; eight professional and five personal attributes.

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Australian ePortfolio Symposium – 2009

Portfolios as a tool for demonstrating achievement have been used within education for considerable time. In today’s information age, these tools have become digital, hence the “e” in ePortfolio. Their purposes have multiplied and the IMS Global Learning Consortium has identified six major types of ePortfolio (IMS Global Learning Consortium Inc. 2005):

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